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I am not a fan of troubleshooting errors my self, I am sure neither are you. But when it’s about Google Play Store Not Working, our concern level goes off the radar. We want it fixed and its urgent to the power infinite.

I have something special for you, 5 observed causes of Play Store Error which can be a major disappointment. Without any further delay, let me get you back on track where you can find the objective of reading this blog.

Play Store Random Errors

Do You Face Such Play Store Errors?

There are some of the major Play Store Not Working Error which a user faces on a daily basis. Here’s is what they come across and the obvious reasons behind facing the error

Google Play Store Not Working

  • Play Store Not Working Server Error

Server errors are pretty common to face and it usually happens with bad connectivity or unwanted applications running in the background of your device.

  • Play Store Error After Factory Setup

Yes, many of the users have actively reported this problem and its pretty obvious to face this issues. Once you reset your device it loses a big chunk of the application stored in your device. Hence, results in issues of Play Store.

  • Authentication Error

This error has something to do with your device settings. If your settings are not done properly you will come across authentication problem.

  • Connection TimeoutPlay Store connection time out

Who hasn’t faced this issues? I might have face connection timeout error On Play Store this morning. It’s pretty common and tells you a lot about the connectivity flow or the internet provider you are using.

  • Error After Connecting to Wi-fi

A little change with the settings in your Wi-Fi panel and you are good to go. But at the time it doesn’t really work well.

I mentioned few selected which are some of the most confronted Play Store issues of all time. To break the bad news to you, there are many such issues which can be annoying beyond imagination. You can connect with our Google Support Network to have an easy way out of the Play Store Errors.

In order to escape such error, you can get to know few major causes which are interconnected. Let me tell you the basic importance of knowing such causes of the error. You get to stay one step ahead and work on avoiding such situation in the first place.

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Root Cause of Play Store error5 Root Causes of Play Store Not Working

Users search for easy fixes and Clicks into the very first subject with proven solutions. But that is not the case, our research team recently found out shocking reasons for you facing Google Play Store Errors.

1.Unfixed or wrong time and data

This can be one of the many reasons which cause your Play Store Errors. The issues might not look really major to you but it causes some long-lasting effect on your Play store. Your application will not run smoothly and the list of errors will go on.

2.Excessive Storage in Cache

We use Play Store but forget to keep the storage decent enough to have their own space to run smoothly. If you neglect your cache and let the storage overflow, the time won’t be far when you will see a popup of Play Store Not Working.

Hence, your only way out is to take care of the Cache issue before it starts affecting your device.

Outdated play store Error3.Outdated Google Play Store

Now, you can’t deny the fact that if your Play store is not updated you will definitely face the error of Not Working. Updating your application from time to time will give you a perfect solution to this problem.

Sometimes, it so happens that even if your Play Store is of the latest version you land up facing the error. Henceforth, that requires a major professional attention.

4.Service Framework Cache Overloaded

Many users will argue saying, why would I mention this cause when they already cleared cache. Understand my friend, service framework builds in an important part of Play Store. You tweak around in cleaning the framework cache and your Play Store Not Working error will be back with a big Hello.

5.The VPN Monster

In simple words, you keep your Virtual Private Network and you will be one of the consistent members to face Play store Errors. VPN has a crucial way of providing you access to across your geological area and it henceforth interrupts with Play Store.

Conclusion Final Touch

I got you covered by disclosing everything about every single cause behind some of the major Play Store Not Working Errors. Here is how you can have another way out. Not that it works like magic but yes we get close. You can connect with our Google Support Team to resolve certain unresolvable play Store Issues.