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Are you one of the many who often faces troubles while working in Gmail? Well, I can hear you, I’ve been there too. I know how frustrated we become when our favorite emailing service Gmail doesn’t work. Fortunately, we are here for you to achieve your dream of troubleshooting issues by yourself. Worry not ’cause I have the solutions to your Gmail Not Working issue.

Gmail Not Working? it's okay

After some researches and having a few experiences with Gmail we are successful to break down the five most common Gmail issues and we are going to tell you how to fix them.

  • Gmail not working
  • Forgot password
  • 2-step verification issue
  • Unable to send emails
  • Sync issues
  • Missing messages
  • Gmail won’t load (for browsers only)

Gmail Not Working

There can be a few known or unknown reasons for your Gmail Not Working issue. First of all, in case you are facing this issue, you have to check out the dashboard of your Google Apps. If there is an outrage, suspected outage, or credible report of an outage of any Google service — this site will let you know. In this site, you will see a list of all the apps in G-Suite, and a list of dates leading up to the current date where you will find all the possible troubles of your Gmail account that you have been facing since your Gmail has broken up with you. Red dots indicate that there was or is any trouble.

 gmail not working

You can also try Nuclear Option. Trying to cope with your Gmail issues desperately? Well, our recommendation is to try to remove your account from your device and set it back up again. Believe it or not, removing accounts helps a lot sometimes. The benefit of Google account is that everything in your Google account including documents, videos, photos, emails stays on Google’server. Once you reset your account, everything will be back to you again. This is called nuclear option for some reasons. Give it a try.

Messages Aren’t Showing

This error most likely caused when you accidentally delete or archive your emails. Well, there is trash folder in Gmail where you can easily find the emails you have accidentally deleted and for archive emails, you can find them in the archived box of your Gmail Account.

Try to click “more” and you can find the trash folder in the folders area If the email is in there. If it is archived, in the area where you clicked “More,” look for “All Mail.” That will show you all mail, whether archived or not.

Can’t Send Emails

While sending emails from Gmail or other email accounts first click onto “compose mail”, then you have to try to enter the email address of the person you want to send your email to in the “To” option and then attach the file or documents you want to send from the options below. If you want your email to reach several persons at once, try to put the additional addresses in the To, Cc, and Bcc field which is needed to be separated by “+” button.

Forgot Password

One of the most common causes of why Gmail users cannot access their accounts, is they often forget their passwords. Well, in this case, you have to be informed that Google has numerous tools for recovering password.  Just a friendly reminder- this is not a fun activity so, don’t try to do that a lot, try to remember your passwords instead if required, try to write them down in your notebook.

Gmail Sync IssuesSync Issues

Gmail can fail to sync for a lot of different reasons, and the failure of syncing can manifest itself in some different ways. You may be are unable to have all of your messages, you may be failing to send email, you may receive an “account not synced” error message in your screen, or the app itself may just be slow. In any of these cases, you can try several steps to get things back up and running.

  • Update the Gmail app
  • Restart your device
  • Verify your connectivity
  • Clear your Gmail data app
  • Check your Gmail settings

Gmail won’t load (for browsers only)

If you are facing this issue re-check if you are using the supported browser. You can find the list of supported browsers in the Google help site. Try some of the modern browsers and I’m sure you won’t have to face the issue again.

Anything Else?

If you are still confused on how to resolve your Gmail Issue, our Google Support is available for you. Contact us and get your problems solved by our 24×7 available customer service.