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Fix Google Play Store Error Code -24

Google is probably the best when it comes to internet services. A majority of the internet users over the world uses Google services. It brings updated technologies and improved features in order to give you the best experience while doing any work. The Google Play Store is one of the most important things nowadays. It became popular since the arrival of smartphones. The Play Store is a place where you can download and install apps in your phones. However, you might face Google Play Store error code -24 sometimes. This is nothing but an unknown error which occurs while you install or uninstall Google Play. Take a look at this article to know some of the easy hacks of Google Play Store error code -24.

Error Code -24 Google Play Store: The Reasons

An issue with the Google Play can make it inaccessible. This can be quite annoying while you try to download any app from the Store. Therefore, you need to know some of the reasons which can bring Google Play Store error code -24. Take a glimpse at some of the common reasons for such error code.

  • An issue with the Google Play Store cache files can create a problem. In such cases, clear all the cache files of Google Store.
  • If the Google Play app data is corrupted, then you will face issues with the Google Play. Deleting the Google Play app data can fix the issue for you.
  • Moreover, if there was a problem installing the Google Play Store, then you can face such problems.
  • If the Google Play Store has not been updated for a long time then you can face error code -24 Google Play Store. Try to update the Google Play to get rid of the problem.
  • An issue with Google Play Services can also bring technical glitches such as this.
  • A problem in linking the Google Account with your smartphone can issue such defects.

How To Fix Google Play Store Error Code -24 Promptly

There are several easy measures by which you can resolve the issue at the earliest. Have a look at the steps which suits your cause.

Clear The Google Play Cache Files

There is a possibility that the Google Play Store is not working because of faulty cache files. Therefore, clear the cache files of the Google Play Store. Take a look at the ways to do so. First of all, go to the Settings of your smartphone. In the apps section, select the option “Installed Applications” or “Installed Apps” depending on your phone. This will show a list of all the Apps that are currently installed in your smartphone. Locate the Google Play Services option and tap on that. There you will find a button “Clear Cache files”. Tap on that to delete the cache files from the smartphone. After that, restart your phone and see if the issue persists or not.

Update Google Play Store

An outdated Google Play Store can bring several technical glitches including the Google Play Store error code -24. Updating the Google Play Store app can resolve the issue sometimes. Before moving for the fix make sure that you have a strong internet connection. Then open the Google Play Store app. There tap on the menu option denoted by a downward arrow. Now, go to the option “My Apps”. This will show all the apps that you currently have in your phone. In the extreme up or down you will see a checkbox “Update all apps”. Active that and tap on the Update button. This will update all the applications including the Google Play Store App. Ensure whether you have enough space to run the updation procedure or not.

Clear The Play Store App Data

If the above step didn’t work for your phone then you can clear the Google Play Store app data to get an error-free service. Start your smartphone first and then go to the Settings icon. After opening the Settings menu move to the Apps section. There you will find an option “Installed Apps”. Tap on that, which will show the whole list of apps that you have installed in your phone. From the list, locate the Google Play Store option. Select that and you will see a button “Clear App data”. You have to tap on that button to clear the Google Play Store app data.

Remove  Your Account And Sign In Again

Sometimes the existing Google account can be a bit problematic while you try to download the apps using the Google Play Store. Hence, it can show Google Play Store error code -24. In such cases, remove the account from your phone. Take a look at the methods to do this. Open the Setting menu and go to the Accounts option. Tap on the option. There you will find the option you want to remove. If you have a Google account you have to select the Google option and then select the name of the account. Hold that account and then tap on the “Remove account” option. If these steps don’t bring any help to you then it is better that you take the help of experts.

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