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A Complete Guide On Google Play Error 505 And Its Solutions

Google offers a lot of things features for Android devices and the Google Play Store is one of the many. It contains a very large library of free and paid apps which helps users in many scenarios. Apart from that, it also helps the users to update their system and installed apps.

But in some situation, the Google Play Store may show face different types of error and problems. Most of the time its error and problems are caused by software incompatibility and corruption. That’s why they contain very simple and straightforward solutions. However due to the lack of technical information on Google Play Store many users are unable to verify and fix those errors.

To help them we have provided that required technical information in this article. And in today’s article, we will be focusing on the Google Play Error 505 and its solutions

Now without wasting any time let’s dive into it

Causes Of The Google Play Error 505

While downloading any app from that Google Play store if you are facing the Error 505 then you must be wondering “What is this and why it is occurring”. In that case, let us help you to get the answer to those questions

The Google Play store Error 505 is a permission error. It usually appears when similar working apps are seeking permission at the same moment. This cause a conflict situation which eventually leads to the  Error code 505.

In most of the cases, this error occurs in the older version of Android because Google has fixed these error situations in the new version of Android. Now, if you are facing this error on those type of device which still contains Lollipop or KitKat as their OS. Then your OS might be the creator of the Error code 505 on your Android device

Apart for that, this error also appears due to outdated App Store, installation crash, improper Gmail Account Sync, date Crash, and Adobe air app.

However, all the causes of the Google Play Error 505 are quite easy to fix with proper solutions.

Simple Solutions Of the Google Play Error 505

There are various methods by which you can fix this error in your device. And some prime examples of those methods are given the section below.

Let’s have a look at them

1.Check The Download Manager

In many situations, the Download Manager of an Android is set to Off/ Disable mode. And due to this, the Google Play is unable to download or install any kind of app on that device. This causes a blockage in the Google Play working procedure and that thing informed to us by the Error 505 message.

That’s why it is quite necessary to check the Download Manager setting before you apply any kind of settings on your Android device. To do that open the Setting App and there you find the Download Manager option.

2.Updated Your Android Device To Its Latest Version

If you are still rocking on an older version of Android OS then it is the right time to update your device. Yes, it is quite convenient to work on the older version but with such types of convenience, a lot of problems generate on your device. Outdated OS causes many types of incompatibility and permission errors and the Google Play Error 505 is one of them.

But you can fix it by simply leaving your convenience and updating your device. To do that open the setting app and check the Android version of your device. Then search for that current Android OS version which is available for your device.

3.Clear The Cache Memory

During your online date Browsing sections through the Google Play store, some Cache Memory may get saved in your device. Those memory helps in browsing and page loading time. However, in some situations, those memories get corrupted and cause different types of errors in a device. The Google Play Error 505 is one of the examples of it

Hence to rectify the cause of Error 505 you need to clean all the Cache Memory of your Google Play store. To do that find the Google services framework section

4.Reinstall The Play Store App

Another method you can try on this error is the App Re installation. In some cases, the Google Play store update itself while downloading or installing an App. This thing also creates a permission issue on the device which further leads to the Error 505.

Apart from that, Google Play store is also installing and updating many apps at the same time. This process creates flaws in its own updates and that thing emerges the App crash situations.

That’s why in order to fix the Google Play store uninstall it old updates and then install the new one. And to perform that task open the Google Play Store’s setting window which is present inside the Setting App.

5.Re-Sync Your Google Account / Gmail.

The out of sync Google Account is one of the prime reasons of this error code. Hence, if you are struggling from it then remove your Google Account and then re-add it. This is one of the most simple solutions. And, you can simply perform this by going to the Accounts window.

For Expert Suggestion

Now, if you could not solve Google Play Error 505 on your own even after following all the solutions in the above section then you can contact us for expert suggestions and help. You can do that by calling us on our helpline [+1-800-354-8923] or you can email us at our official email address. Apart from that, you can also convey your problems through our Live Chat facility.

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