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Chrome Not Working? 3 Chrome Error Messages You Should Know

Facing problems with Google Chrome? I have been there myself. Chrome since launch has really become the world’s best friend for web browsing for its features and tools. But even after being in the market for some time the software has its own issues. Here are some common Google Chrome error codes to help to troubleshoot.google chrome error

Common Google Chrome Error Reports

With every new software release, the Google Chrome browser becomes more powerful. But at the same time, the list of common errors only seems to increase.

Here is a comprehensive of the most commonly searched for Chrome error solutions. If you are facing any major problem with Chrome go through this list for details.

Chrome error ‘aw snap’ – Page Loading Failed

Well, when talking about problems with Google Chrome, let’s start off by taking a look at probably the most common one. So what is the ‘Chrome Aw Snap error’? The problem that triggers this problem is pretty basic and can happen anytime and for no fault of the user.

Chrome error aw snap

When you try to load a page, the browser or the specific tab is access crashes. This can feel frustrating and the worst part is ‘aw snap’ error message is not platform dedicated. Users face this error on all platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS and even Android.

So what causes the error? I too faced the same problem and did an extensive research. Here are 5 common reasons why you probably encountered the ‘aw snap’ message.

5 ‘aw snap’ Error Causes

  • Internet connection related problems
  • Cache memory overload
  • Problems with saved Cookies
  • Pending Google Chrome updates
  • Adware infection limiting Chrome performance

So that was the common ‘aw snap’ problem discussed in brief. Now let us move ahead and check out another common problem with Google Chrome.

Chrome Error Connection Timed Out

Chrome Error Connection Timed Out

Time-out issues are another very common problem Chrome users seek solutions for. It is a very trivial problem but one that almost every user has faced. Triggered by some of the most nominal issues ‘connection timeout’ errors can happen at any point in time.

What triggers Connection error? Well, if you search the internet for details you can find a long list of reasons. Below I have listed a few common ones, you can go through the list if you want.

What causes Chrome timeout errors?

  • Internet Connection error- Yes, a slow internet connection can indeed trigger this problem. Some web pages are heavier and faster connection to finish loading.
  • Adware infections- Just like malware/viruses limit system performance, Adware can do the same with your browser. It’s better to aware of what extension/app you installed on Chrome as unmoderated ones can have malicious codes.
  • Cache and Cookies problem- too much saved user data can sometimes affect Chrome activities and slow down processes. Try clearing up some saved data check whether you still face the same problem.

Now that we have covered timeout issues on Chrome lets check out the most common Chrome update related problems.

Chrome Update Error – Problems Updating Software

Chrome Update Error

Firstly, if Google Chrome is your default browser you should never keep any pending updates. Newer software releases are very important for Chrome performance.

Chrome has an inbuilt auto-update tool and shouldn’t have such issues, but it does. This really makes things a bit complicated and leave people who are not tech-savvy scratching their heads.

If you are looking for reasons that cause Google Chrome Update related errors, go through the list below. I went through many forums and compiled this list of some genuine reasons for this issues.

Reasons why you may face problems updating Chrome

  • Internet issues- Again, problems with internet/data connection can cause updating issues. An unstable connection can disconnect from the servers while in process.
  • Cached Data- Yes, overloading of saved browser data can cause a lot of different problems including interfering with Google Chrome Updates.
  • Firewall Settings- If Chrome does not have the necessary permissions, Windows Firewall can easily restrict background data access leading Chrome to abort update process.

Solving Google Chrome Errors – Final Take

So these were three of the most commonly reported problems Chrome users face every day. Also, if you need assistance in solving these problems you can always contact us. Connect with our Google Support Team and we will take care of the rest.